Stellplatz Prague 6 – Rezidence BULIRO

Our family business provides you with space to park your recreational vehicle on the western edge of Prague. We spent a year restoring the countryside on this former farmland that was going to be built on by the Communist regime. The land had been devastated by waste, concrete, landfill, etc.

What have we created? You can judge for yourself. We are not, and never will be, a campsite; instead, we are a beautiful Stellplatz on the grounds of a former farm estate where non-residential spaces and apartments lie alongside parking areas. It is ‘parking in a park providing privacy’. The whole area has been gradually restored and the creation of the park was our greatest wish. We are not fans of building on green spaces; we care about maintaining greenery and water in the landscape, with the possibility of using it for sport and recreation.

We planted 40 mature trees and a large number of shrubs in 2020 on land that had seen a great deal of devastation. Following a German technique, we carried out extensive restoration of the grassy areas. Soon you will find garden sports here and a sports training area for children, young people and adults.

On your visit you will be able to see how nature thrives in our care and we will be happy to see you come back again. We have great access to Prague from the Karlovy Vary or Plzeň motorways, the Prague ring road and also through Prague via the new Blanka tunnel. Václav Havel Airport in Ruzyne is nearby.

As this is a private enclosed area, please check-in beforehand; just send us a message and we’ll get back to you.

Thank you, Blanka Anežka Litterová a Anna Marie Litterová