Parking in the park

(an extract from the server, where they wrote about us)

We can’t talk about the size of the parking places, but we can talk about the size of the grounds. Our entire project will extend over some 20,000 m2, set up on the remains of farmland that was fortunately not separated from the farmhouse during the former regime. If it hadn’t been for the Revolution, the area would have been be built on, just like the rest of Řepy. We are located on the site of a former farm, occupying perhaps the most beautiful spot right on what was once the village green next to St. Martin’s church. Everything that visitors see here has been gradually restored over the last 23 years, as everything had been confiscated, put to use by the state and, in fact, almost destroyed.

My husband and I design and supervise all the projects ourselves. So it’s not just architects’ ideas, but our shared vision on how to sensitively bring our entire farmstead back to life. In the garden, as far as our plans go, there will be a multi-functional park for leisure and sports activities, and the caravan park fits into this concept. It will be PARKING IN A PARK.

Several relaxation zones are being developed on the grounds. Each will have a different meaning and connection to the surroundings. For example, the upper terrace will be used to meet friends. The lower terrace will be for families with children or sports training for children’s groups, which will be taken care of by our daughter Annie. Next to the birch tree there is a seating area for watching aircraft, as we’re a short walk from the airport. By the way, I put this bench here at the suggestion of one of our guests. Other seating areas will be by the stream, the sports ground, the beehives and the pond. All of this is still in the making, but I know it will be here eventually.

I plan for parking to occupy only a small part of the site. Greenery, which is so important for peace and relaxation, will take up most of the area. Currently, 15 parking places are ready to use all year round. Three of them are paved to enable handicapped camping. Each place can be reached by a beautiful paved road, which will be snowploughed if there is heavy snow. We have a green area ready for the summer season, providing parking for 25 cars. Although more could be fitted in, this would no longer serve the true purpose of the place. I don’t want the caravans to be crammed together.